There has been a good amount of research into veins and venous diseases over last few years. Mainly this has been due to the new test, Color Flow Duplex Ultrasound. For the first time we have been able to look inside the veins how they work. This research has removed our many myths about the varicose veins and need for varicose veins treatments.


Varicose Veins are only cosmetic and not a medical problem.

varicose veins are caused by Leg Pump Failure and so treatment should be aimed at fixing the Leg Pump. This cannot be seen on the surface – hence the need for the special tests of Duplex Ultrasound . when performed by a vein expert ,he can tell everything where is the problem in the vein. Like fever we get when there is infection in body we treat the infection to control the fever that is how we need to treat the failure of pump in the varicose vein treatments.

Only women get varicose veins.

Both men and women suffer from varicose veins I n fact, about 15% of men and 25% of women are affected by varicose veins, although it is generally accepted that while both sexes are affected, women are affected more often.

Surgery is only way to treat.

There are many nonsurgical ways to treat quickly and safely.

Pregnancy only causes varicose veins.

There is a special group of patients who do get varicose veins because of pregnancy. But truely research and studies say that pregnancy does not cause varicose veins, but if somebody has the underlying valve problem, she might be getting varicose veins or venous disease later in her life.

Varicose Veins should not be operated as they always recur.

With the latest new test of duplex ultra sound , and the latest technology of new laser EVLT machine and the surgery carried out by surgeon, a vein specialist the recurrence rate is minimal and the only people who have got their veins back again are those people who develop new varicose veins.

We should wait till our family is complete before treating our varicose veins.

we have already seen in earlier myths pregnancy does not cause varicose veins, but it occurs more in veins that are already malfunctioning therefore earlier them operated better it is. Correct treatment will get rid of the varicose veins but, much more importantly, will also make the Leg Pump properly again.