• Less invasive technique: Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT).
  • EVLT uses targeted laser
    energy to seal the vein

Why ELVT – Advantages GSV treatment :

  • Gentle, moderate and yet effective method of treatment
  • Less traumatic
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Quick and easy to perform
  • No scarring
  • No general Anaesthesia required
  • Excellent aesthetic results
  • Recurrence rates are extremely low
  • Outpatient Procedure
  • A rapid return to normal activities

EVLT Procedure :



  • A catheter is placed in the vein
    through a needle utilizing
    ultrasound guidance.
  • The laser is passed
    through the catheter to the saphenofemoral junction which is confirmed by ultrasound.

Map the Course of the Vein :



Access to the Vein :


  • Anaesthesia by local intradermal injection.
  • Entry of the needle into the vein under Ultrasound Guidance.
  • After the puncture the guide wire is inserted into the vein.
  • The entry needle is withdrawn
    and the introducer sheath and
    dilator are inserted over the guide wire and into the vein.
  • The guide wire is then removed and the laser fibre is inserted into the introducer
    sheath and advanced along its length.
  • The introduction of the laser
    fiber can be monitored by
    using the aiming beam.
  • The fibre is advanced to a position 2-3 centimeters below
    the sapheno-femoral junction to
    preserve the integrity of the
    femoral vein from the first pulse
    of laser energy.





Advantages :

  • Relief of chronic pain symptoms
  • Faster return to normal activity
  • Improves venous stasis wound healing potential
  • Decreases wound recurrence
  • Minimal-to-no scarring
  • Typically is covered by insurance

Post-op Care :

  • Dress leg with compression bandage
  • Class II compression stocking on POD 2
  • Resume normal activities as tolerated
  • Avoid hot baths
  • Avoid vigorous gym workouts

Post-op :

  • Mild Bruising can occur along the leg that has
    been treated
  • A “tightening” sensation along the vein is
    reported by many patients
  • Some mild tenderness along the vein

EVLT Before After photo :