High heels, a cause of varicose myth or reality

All of us love our high heels, don’t we? Though, sometimes it takes just a little awareness to realize that less is more when it comes to high heels. They may not entirely cause varicose veins, but may contribute to the overall vein health of a woman. The effect may be steep in patients who are already dealing with varicose and to a lesser extent in normal women.

The science behind varicose speaks about how venous blood flows to the heart and the intermittent valves in the veins stop the blood from flowing back into the veins.

When we walk wearing high heels, there is less contraction of calf muscles which means, less blood is going upward, leading to blood pooling in the leg veins. This raises the stress in the valves thus contributing to blood reflux in the veins. This is more so in people whose valves are already facing damage or weakening.

Some very simple suggestions to keep wearing high heels comfortable may be useful to all of us.

  • One may not completely stop wearing high heels but can always execute some simple measures to do away with the troublesome effects, like limiting the use of high heels to some very special occasions.
  • One may also reduce the height of heels if considering to wear for a longer duration.
  • Taking a break from heels and stretching ones legs every hour or so.
  • One may also sleep with legs slightly raised above the body level to ensure a uniform blood flow in the veins.

As we look forward to write for you again, wishing you happy and healthy legs!!

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