Endoscopic Treatment of a 60 Year Old

Case Summary: Varicose veins is a common problem among women. This case talks about one of our patients who suffered from the issue and was battling the many symptoms of varicose veins. The patient was treated with a holistic treatment method and positive results were obtained in a short span of time.

Key Understandings & Analysis

Often women have told me how much they love their legs and varicose veins is a problem that people often come across but fail to identify it. However, much ambiguity lingers around the subject of ‘vein health’. A number of factors negatively affect the venous blood flow: obesity, wearing high heels, age and insufficient exercise among many. The worst part is that sometimes physicians may fail to identify the problem, which is primarily because varicose veins symptoms are pretty vague: burning, stinging, aching, swelling, heaviness, tiredness and leg cramps.

If the problem is not diagnosed early, leg veins may become weakened, dilated, twisted and thickened. Blood may flow backwards and collect in the vein, causing it to swell. A similar case came in the recent past. A lady had been in much pain. At 60 years of age, leading a sedentary lifestyle, she developed pain and swelling in both lower limbs  due to prolonged sitting. She also developed pigmentation of skin in both legs.

Holistic Approach for Treatment

We at Kapadia Hospital started with a Venous Doppler investigation, which revealed bilateral sapheno femoral incompetence. As the next step the patient underwent endovenous laser treatment under local anaesthesia. Post surgery the patient was immediately made to walk with Grade II stockings and the patient realized how light her legs were feeling.

It is important to notice that there is a sea change in the way a person feels after surgery. Some signs of varicose veins are obvious: unsightly spider veins, bulging varicose veins, and blood clots. Others are less so, such as leg swelling, skin changes, and ulcers. If you experience these symptoms, visit a phlebologist right away.


There are a number of ways to treat varicose veins depending on the nature of the problem. The treatments depends on how severe a problem is! In this case, the patient was unaware of the problem for a long time before she was correctly diagnosed. The nature of the symptoms is such that it makes it tough to identify the problems but it is always good to visit a varicose vein specialty clinic if you are experiencing the symptoms. To get the treatment at an earlier stage will save a lot of trouble and time.

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